Epilfree Reviews

Epilfree Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about Epilfree.

11 thoughts on “Epilfree Reviews

  1. Anne Skillin

    I wanted to drop a note to you to let you know how pleased I am with the EpilFree Product. I’ve been a client of Julia Foster’s @ Julia’s Spa for the last four years and she has never failed to give me the very best advice and service for my skin and other aesthetic needs. When I spoke with her about hair removal for my wrists and forearms, she immediately suggested we try EpilFree. We’ve done four treatments now and the hair is not only much finer, but much of it has disappeared completely. It’s so easy to use and so effective! I couldn’t be more satisfied.

    Thank you for introducing Julia to EpilFree.
    Anne Skillin

  2. Susan Clark

    I have been receiving Epilfree treatments for the last three months at Julia’s Spa in Naples Fl. I have been struggling with upper lip and chin hair all my life and finally I have found the solution. The hair is practically gone in this period of time and I couldn’t be happier. I only wish I discovered Epilfree sooner.

    Susan Clark

  3. Joyce Dalbey

    Hi Cecily,
    we love the Epilfree. We’ve been experimenting on staff and it’s working well. We will begin to offer it to our clients.
    Joyce Dalbey
    Mandala MedSpa

  4. Stacy Sossner

    With many years of experience in professional hair removal – an electrologist since the 80’s and laser hair removal specialist since 2005- I NOW use EPILFREE. I purchased Epilfree to compliment my laser hair removal and electrolysis programs already in place. It is safe & effective for all skin types & all hair types. I find it great for areas large and small and for men & worn alike. Safe to treat near the yes. So, instead of losing a client, I made a small investment and NOW I”m able to accommodate them all!!

    I can be sure my clients’ skin won’t be burned or hyper-pigmented either! Most of ALL- Epilfree is thrilling my clients to be rid of unwanted hair unjust a few treatments!! FANTASTIC RESULTS!!! In addition, as the provider, Epilfree is very cost effective, no need to pay a medical director or have an expensive LHR laser- let alone the space it requires. I use the latest technologies. There is nothing better than the Epilfree System.

  5. Etty Rachmian

    A few months ago I was introduced to the Epilfree system. Though I was skeptic initially about the ability of the treatment to replace Laser and IP in the long term. However, today, a few months after experiencing the Epilfree treatment and in light of the excellent results and the growing number of happy customers. I highly recommend the Epilfree system. With much less pain and risk, its working! With great results.

  6. Dalia Perez

    I was surprised to see that there is a treatment that creates an effect from the first application and can provide results after waxing and electrolysis = highly recommended.

  7. Irit Balaskez

    I truly recommend with confidence on Epilfree hair removal system. I like working with ease to manage materials and there is no worry about side effects. This is why I chose Epilfree. The treatment give incredible results and brings in new clients. No unhappy customers.

  8. Limor Amar

    I was quite skeptic at first about the product, but was positively surprised. The results are amazing, you can see a big difference from treatment to treatment and it added a nice addition to my income.

  9. Chris Azmon

    When I was debating about using the product, I first tried it on myself (bikini area) and from the first treatment I saw tremendous results. Obviously I started using it on my clients. Many happy clients, not painful and fits for everyone. Great product, definitely worth a try!!!

  10. Jemni Libbi

    Great results! my clients are happy and I am happy to discover an easy to use hair removal solution. Highly recommended.

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